The DT Systems SUPER-PRO Dummy Launcher is an excellent tool to help teach and reinforce the hunting situation by simulating the sound of a “BANG” with the “marking” of a bird in the sky. Great for long and short retrieves by adjusting the flight angle and the strength of the .22 caliber blank launching load. The launcher’s solid aluminum frame construction means no rust. The used shells are easy to extract thanks to the built-in shell extractor. Special design features result in very little recoil during launch.

Super Pro Dog Training Dummy Launcher (Dummy NOT included)

    • Hand held dummy launcher operates with .22 blank power loads
    • You load the blank, pull back the handle, and a firing pin strikes the .22 blank power load to propel the dummy
    • NO DUMMY included with this model, must be purchased separately 
    • Convenient built-in shell extractor makes extracting shells easy as 1-2-3
    • Perfect for Land or Water training (the dummies FLOAT on water)
    • Great for training dogs to mark with the report of the .22 blank going off (simulates gunfire noise)
    • Optimized for maximum launch distance and comfortable/easy use
    • Self-contained firing pin mechanism for easy cleaning and maintenance
    • Dual exhaust holes for greatly reduced recoil
    • Cast aluminum & durable Stainless Steel construction to resist rusting
    • Thick, dense shock-absorbing recoil pad for comfort when using
    • Wide nylon comfort grip handle sleeve