Our Scent Strip Nylon Dummies feature a scent holding strip sewn into the dummy surface. This makes adding your choice of scent quick, clean, and easy. Step your training up a notch with D.T. Systems Scent Strip Super Pro Dummies!

10" Scent Strip Super Pro Dog Nylon Training Dummy 3-pack

    • DT’s exclusive “Scent Strip” sewn to the dummy for easy scent application
    • Large Dummy measures (3” x 12”) in size
    • Small Dummy measures (2" x 9") in size
    • Perfect for land or water training (Dummies FLOAT in water)
    • Scent stays on the scent strip pad making scent tracking of the dummy easier for the dog
    • Quickly and easily washes off once training is over
    • Canvas dummies feature heavy duty 18oz canvas construction with extremely durable seams/stitching
    • Nylon dummies feature 1000 Denier Nylon construction with high quality Nylon thread
    • Tough and durable sewn in rope handles 
    • Optimally weighted for easy throwing
    • Canvas available in Natural white
    • Nylon available in Bright White, Opti Yellow, Blaze Orange
    • Hand made in the USA!